Gaijin Kanpai Ep.095 - "I Love But"

Happy New Year for real this time!!! Oh how we love the implications of the new year. Rebirth, resolutions, and reviews. :)

So this week we're giving you our top 5 lists! Our favorite albums and singles, and our picks for the album and single of the year.

095 - I Love But
Top 5 Singles & Albums of 2010
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And now, the star of our show... the notes!

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Episode 045 - Rugs and Songs Aren't Racist

045 - "Rugs and Songs aren't Racist"
Kuroki Meisa - Attitude
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45min00sec | 47mb


Plenty of j-music artist gets covered this week thanks to the return of Go-Fun Keikoku! There's something for everyone in this episode.

As always, do join us over on uStream on Thursday nights to be there with us live when we record the show. Be sure to comment here and maybe your comment will go on the show!

Here are the notes!

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