Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 198 - Better Than Novocain

Dental work makes all music better.


198 - Better Than Novocain
NEGOTO - 5 | Noanowa - Barairo no Dance 
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This week we dive headfirst into girl fronted rock with beloved GK rock group Noanowa and Pop-rock younglings Negoto. Opinions are surprisingly divisive this episode so we need you all to be the tie breakers! Fire off in the comment section about what you think of these new releases and check back in episode 199 to see if your opinions get brought up (they probably will)!


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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.065 - "XIAH Gradual Intoxication"

Holy..... Shitsicles. It's a new GK!

Boy, the guys sure had chemicals in their system for this one! Zer0 didn't partake, but hilarity ensued. This is definitely a fun (and yet somehow still informative and interesting and coherent in every way!) episode.

065 - "XIAH Gradual Intoxication"
HALCALI - Tokyo Groove
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Seriously stay tuned to the b-roll for too much information! It's awesome! :)

Good thing these notes aren't death notes!

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