Gaijin Kanpai Ep.074 - "Pop Rocks"

What do you get when you take JRock, Women, a 30th birthday, and a contest? Well this week you get a late Gaijin Kanpai episode that features a long talk about Women in JRock and the biased differences between Rock and Pop music!

074 - Pop Rocks
VAMPS - Beast
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We're already late enough with this episode so let's go through some notes, shall we?

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Episode 16 - Tangents & Outtakes

More drunken hilarity comes your way this week! We go over our top five albums before going into our usual segments. We'll individually be blogging details & thoughts on our top 5 albums after this show's been up for a day or so. We have new theme music as well! Let us know what you think.

Be sure to vote on our domain poll over to your left. If you have a suggestion that's not there, comment! I know you will. You know why? Because you're awesome, that's why.

On to the show notes!

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