BROWN EYED GIRLS Exclusive Interview Translation

From: Oricon

BROWN EYED GIRLS have already gained overwhelming popularity in their home country of Korea for their provocative dance performance as a “mature idol unit,” and now they’re coming to Japan!  We’re going to hear about the thoughts hidden behind their sexy charm! 

Dance is a better way of conveying the song

--First of all, why don’t you all introduce yourselves?

Jea: I’m the leader of BROWN EYED GIRLS, and also in charge of songwriting.  Although I’m generally considered as having it all together, I also have my spoiled and childish side. (laugh)

Miryo: I’m the rapper.  I can even speak a little Japanese!  I think my appearance gives off an impression of being wild, but I actually have a really delicate personality.

Narsha: I’m in charge of the vocals.  Other than the music, I also perform on variety shows and do a lot of other things in Korea.

Ga-in: I’m the youngest in the unit, so I really am the “younger sister.”  The other three really love me.

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.089 - "Koreans Just Wanna Dance!"

Hey howdy hey, all you Asian music fans! Why say "Asian" instead of "Japanese"? Well, because this week we're joined by Linzer Dinzer, Zer0's sister and huge Kpop fan, to discuss the Korean music invasion in Jpop.

089 - Koreans Just Wanna Dance!
4minute - First / Dreams Come True
Download: [iTunes/M4A] | [MP3]

As usual, we streamed the show recording live via uStream this week, and there was even video of our guest! If you'd like to join the magic, join us every Tuesday (except the first Tuesday of every month) at about 7:45 Eastern time as we record and blow your mind with awesomeness in real time!

No show next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but be sure to check the website for some extra content!

Time for notes!

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