GK PV Play: The Play's the Thing Edition

Many music videos are released every month in Japan to promote the latest single or album coming out. Though we often talk about the music videos that accompany the music we review, some PVs slip through the cracks. This week we task our lovely writer with the difficult job of reviewing some of the recent vids to make their way all the way from Japan to our computer screens in the US.


Sakanaction - Boku to Hana
EXILE - All Night Long
NYC - Haina
BUCK-TICK - Elise no Tame Ni
Shiina Ringo - Jiyuu he Michizure


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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.080 - "Jaylee'd at Spencer's"

Jaylee gets Jaylee'd in this episode. Just gonna warn you now. That said, episode! Woohoo!

080 - Jaylee'd at Spencer's
Shakalabbits - Phasemeter Trippin' Bug Shake
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So what do you say we do some show notes, hm?

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