T.M. Revolution "CLOUD NINE" Interview Translation

--This album is being released with four different CD jackets.

Nishikawa: Well, let’s start with how I felt about making the 18-song album [First-Press Limited Edition B]. Once again I worked hard to convey the music, and I didn’t just throw away the single tracks, but instead included those songs; I looked them over and read between the lines when I tied them into the album. In contrast, [First-Press Limited Edition A] has 12 tracks of music that I released a long time ago or that met with critical reception. Limited Edition A also has music videos and making-of videos. The other two jackets are different from one another, but the songs on them are the same as the songs on Disc 1 of Limited Edition A.

--Was there anything that you realized while working with the songs that were released 6 years ago?

N: Well, honestly, I realized that 6 years is how long it takes a child to graduate from elementary school. (laugh) I also thought about all the time that’s gone by, and how much the industry is changing. Based on those things, I thought that I had to think about the music itself. But in the end, I stopped doing that. (laugh)


N: Yeah. I thought that I wanted to convey a message like “This is T.M.R.” I re-listened to what I’d created up till that time, and then decided that I wanted to convey how I’d come to be where I am now, and what things will never change. And there were the 6 year-old songs. (laugh) And songs that I couldn’t remember when I’d written them. But I realized that it’s fine to represent T.M.R. with those songs.

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