Episode 20 - Sausage Fest

I wasn't in this episode, my mic died. I was there in spirit via Skype's text chat, however, and I was thoroughly entertained by the antics of my male cohosts. You will be too!

I've since gotten a new computer and a new headset so I'll be there next time, promise. In the meantime, here are the show notes!

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Episode 19 - Energy -1

Very short podcast this week. We had audio troubles on our usual recording day & had to record two days later, in the middle of the afternoon, because both my headset microphones died!

Speaking of dead, wow we are SO no fun when we're recording in the middle of the afternoon. It's still a good show though.

Stay tuned to gaijinkanpai.com for our write-ups of our top 10 slow songs - the top 5 are featured on the show. Go-fun Keikoku returns next week. :)



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