Gaijin Kanpai Ep.136 - "AKB48 Breaks Wind"

Wait, we meant AKB48 breaks RECORDS. And has a SONG about wind. No really! They break records and sing about wind, they break wind and sing about rec-- shit. Nevermind. They fart. Girls fart too, you know.


136 - AKB48 Breaks Wind
Kuroyume - Headache and Dub Reel Inch
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So anyway, this episode has us reviewing now-classic J-rockers Kuroyume and their new "Headache and Dub Reel Inch" album, as well as the new single from the 3rd generation of J Soul Brothers, "REFRAIN." Boy wait until you hear what we say about them!

The uStream is always where you should be every week. This isn't opinion, it is fact. So join us every Thursday at 7:30 PM Pacific time and there shall be laughter and merriment! And you can listen to us be really weird.

And now for notes!

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.119 - "Hyperbole They Did"

The always-reliable Gaijin Kanpai is here for you once again this week. The hosts are the sexiest, most charming people on earth, and if you're listening to GK, well then you are in the 99.99th percentile of awesome Earth creatures. This episode is an epic adventure through those sweet, orgasmic sounds known as Japanese popular music.

119 - Hyperbole They Did
9mm Parabellum Bullet - Movement
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Look, we can do it too! This week's show has us listening to two very different releases... the new album from rock band 9mm Parabellum Bullet and the most recent single from piano-pop singer/songwriter Angela Aki. We also have new AA picks this week, so be sure to vote on your favorite!

The uStream was a friendly place as usual, and it's someplace you should be as often as possible. We record at about 7:30, 7:45-ish or thereabouts (Eastern time) on Wednesday nights. Join us, listen to the hosts record the show, listen to us mess up, give us your input, make dirty jokes, and just overall have an awesome time.

Now for notes!

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