Gaijin Kanpai Ep.156 - "Bring in the Rollerskating Transvestites"

It'll all make sense, I promise you.


156 - Bring in the Rollerskating Transvestites
Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-1st | Kalafina - To the beginning


Some of you think we only review albums and singles that we all *want* to review. That is very much not true. Case in point: Kis-my-1st. While I may have been interested to see what these Johnny's boys can do, Erin turned up her nose, and Jaylee....well, let's just say he bled to see color again*. Kis-My-Ft2 literally spew rainbows, so I don't know his reasoning. Maybe you'll catch some glimpses as to why.


We also review Kalafina. They are great. Not only are they a "chamber-pop" group which I think is an awesome genre, they also have Keiko as a member. Ah, Keiko. How I love you. With your beautiful voice, your extreme elegance, and your...bangs. You are one the very few women whom I consider perfect. If you're reading this and ever want to become a chubby-chaser, you give good ol' LoKi a call. I'm waiting. No, seriously.  


You will definitely want to join us next week on the uStream next week because it's GK Game Show week! We're going to shake it up a bit and play a game we're tentatively calling "Kamen Kanpai". Wanna know what it is? Hit up and watch one of their "Secret Identity" segments. Swap movie/games/TV characters for Japanese equivalents and voila! You can catch that on Wednesday night at 7:30pm PST with here on


* Jaylee does not cut himself. Nor should you. It's a joke. Deal with it.


Until then, enjoy the show and our NOTES!

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