Gaijin Kanpai Ep.151 - "Roller-Coaster of Suck"

Live from New's recorded


151 - Roller-Coaster of Suck
Hamsaki Ayumi - Party Queen | Crystal Kay - DELICIOUS na Friday


I'm in the Big Apple getting ready for the L'Arc~en~Ciel concert this weekend, so I'm not writing you a fancy intro. Deal with it. I still love you though...eventhough I hit you sometimes.


This week we review JPOP  Queen, Hamasaki Ayumi. Can someone ever be demoted for "Queen"? I think this may be one of those special cases. Surprisingly (to me) Crystal Kay is quite enjoyable, so the episode redeems itself in quality music, imho. Please enjoy it!


If you like us, and how could you not, hang out with us Wednesday nights at 7:30pm PST for ouruStream live recording. It grows every week, and thankfully you guys correct us sometimes :)



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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.120 - "Yawn Yawn Ichi"

It's a proven scientific fact that yawns are extremely contagious. Yawns are easily spread through small groups of people in close proximity. Even the suggestion of yawning can cause someone to yawn in response, even without an actual yawn happening in their presence. In fact, you, the reader, are very likely to have already yawned by the time you finish reading this paragraph!

120 - Yawn Yawn Ichi
Nishino Kana - Thank You, Love
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This week we review the latest single by guitar-playing singer/songwriter miwa, and we tackle the most recent album from lyrical charmer Nishino Kana.

If you missed the uStream this week, you missed some abuse Zer0 dished out to LoKi, and it was funny! If you weren't LoKi. Next week, be there for every insult, witticism, dig, and attack! We record live at about 7:45PM Eastern time. Join us for pre-show music, festivities, and chat, and stay after the show for more talking with the hosts!


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