Gaijin Kanpai Ep.161 - "The Defenestration of LoKi"

Here’s your GRE word for the day: Defenestration. See if you can figure out what it means before the B-Roll comes around.


161 - The Defenestration of LoKi
FTISLAND - 20 [twenty] | GLAY - Bible


Hope you like rants about Sowelu and Erin’s marriage to GLAY because that’s what you get with this episode! Our fearsome duo review the legend who are oh so near and dear to their hearts as well as a Korean band that have a lot in common with The Silence from Doctor Who. You don’t get that reference? Too bad, I’m not explaining it. You’re only 6 seasons and a handful of specials behind! Don’t make that face at me! 


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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.137 - "Right Boob Bigger than the Left"

Apparently that's a problem for women, I wouldn't know. All boobs look alike to me...that is to say, "awesome"!


137 - Right Boob Bigger than the Left
The Hiatus - World of Pandemonium
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I'm writing this intro in January because we've been using this episode as the test for our new editor. Well, after these many months, it turns out that Jaylee is now our editor, and this is his first crack at it! Thanks Jaylee!


Not much to say about this episode since it's self-explanitory as written below, but I would like to point out that this is my (LoKi) first time writing an intro paragraph, and I'm pretty awesome.


That is all. Carry on. NOTES!

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