GK #31 Guest and UStream!

Anna, creator of the Appears Blog, will be our guest for tomorrow's Gaijin Kanpai. She wrote a really great article titled "The Trouble with J-POP: Revolutionizing the Western Community of Criticism" detailing issues with Japanese music and how Westerners such as ourselves perceive it. We figured this would be a perfect topic of discussion on GK and we can't wait to have her.

Because of this topic at hand, we're going to do a live audio UStream of the show with an open chat room so you can participate too! I expect no more than 5 people to partake, but you never know...surprise me, people :-P

Here's the link for the UStream, but we'll also embed it into the website when we start as well as announce it on Twitter. If you go to the UStream link and RSVP, that'd be quite awesome! The stream will go live Thursday 9/24 at 7:30EST.

Please join us!