Gaijin Kanpai Ep.076 - "GK Quiz Show"

It's game week, kids! We'll start ya off with a game soundtrack by Glay (hah!), then do a review, and then play a game. Woohoo! This is a fun one :)

076 - GK Quiz Show
Jaylee vs. Zer0 JMusic Quiz
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Many apologies for this week's audio quality. Technical difficulties happen, unfortunately, but we got it together for ya. Would you really have wanted us to replace this entire episode? No, no you wouldn't. Cuz this episode is awesome. The game was REALLY close - you gotta hear this.

The show is, as usual, edited for time and content, so if you wanna join the fun every week get your rear end over to our uStream! We record on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM Eastern time, and we'd certainly love to have you! :)

How would you like some notes? Notes would be good.

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