Gaijin Kanpai Ep.070 - "Whammy Bar Voice and F-Bombs"

This.... this show has so much swearing in it! The horror.... the horror... @_@

070 - Whammy Bar Voice and F-Bombs
misono - ME
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Sorry about audio issues this time. If you'd rather just cut to the chase and hear us a few days early & totally unedited, head on into our uStream! We record every Thursday at 7:30 PM Eastern, so come chat with us, hang out, and listen to us be elitist assholes!

Contest is still going on! If you can play name that tune, you could win the new VAMPS album. Details are on this post! Contest ends on August 7th... LoKi's birthday.

Go-Fun Keikoku returns this week, also. So that's awesome too!


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