Gaijin Kanpai Ep.150 - "The Limburger Album"

The One Where LoKi and Erin Kick Ass....and go on a bunch of tangeants.


150 - The Limburger Album
ISSA x SOULJA - ISM | Japan UNITED - All You Need is Love

With Jaylee in New York City enjoying his first time in the Big Apple and taking in a Jin Akanishi concert, Erin and I are left to our own devices to give a rousing review of ISSA x Soulja. We also scoff at the joke that is the Beatles cover of All You Need Is Love, which they thought was so good, it needed to be a song for the tsunami relief. Yikes.


If you didn't know, we've moved the uStream to Wenesdays at 7:30pm PDT. I highly reccomend that you add us to your calendar. It's always a blast for GK'ers everywhere. Don't worry, I still wear pants. Jaylee, however, is another story...


Short, sweet and non-abrassive intro this week. You better be thankful. SO HELP ME IF YOU'RE NOT!!!....dammit. Almost made it. NOTES!

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.133 - "Guess Who Wins?"

This week, GK presents its semi-annual Quiz Show Special! YAAAY! Jaylee plays host as the other two hosts, Zer0 and LoKi, battle it out in a competition of wits, trivia knowledge, and of course petty taunting

133 - Guess Who wins?
GK Game Show 03 - LoKi vs Zer0
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We skip the usual album and single reviews to make way for the game this week, but we still have news and our weekly AA segment to share with you. Education AND entertainment! The show has it all!

The uStream was absolutely the place to be, as you might expect (is it ever not?). You really should be joining us every week, it's quite badass. We record live every Thursday night at 10:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 Pacific. What the hey, it's a party - bring some friends in with you!

Anyway, here are the notes... please proceed downward in an orderly fashion. Thank you, have a nice day!

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