Sakanaction Special Interview Translation

Original: Oricon-Style
Translator: Erin Grace

After “Aruku Around,” Sakanaction’s “Finally been able to create the embodiment of the sound in our heads, after nine years of ideas.”

Sakanaction’s 4th album “kikUUiki.”  The album – titled for the phrase coined to describe the place where fresh water and sea water mix – is dance, electronic, progressive, and guitar rock.  It’s a title that gives you a feeling for the identity of the people creating this rare musicianship, fusing pop and dub.  The same is true of the contents of the album.  The natural fusion distinctive of the band is fully developed in each song.  Now that their newest single, “Aruku Around,” has gained success as for ranking 3rd on the Oricon charts and the group has gained the popularity that goes with that, what will they give us next?  We spoke with the group’s vocal and guitar, Yamaguchi Ichiro. 

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Sakanaction "kikUUiki" Available on US iTunes

For Gaijin Kanpai episode 61, we reviewed electro-pop/new-wave band Sakanaction's new album "kikUUiki". If you enjoy bands like School Food Punishment that use synth as well as practical instruments you rarely hear in popular music, these guys are a real treat.

Why do I say this? Well, it's because the album's available on US iTunes right now! 

We absolutely love supporting Japanese music when it's available here in America, especially digitally, so do everyone a favor and at least sample some of the tunes. I personally recommend "Arukuaround", but they're all great examples of the genre they portray.

Tell 'em LoKi sent you and you'll...still pay full price :P

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