Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 192 - Syncing Ship

There are only 8 more chances at wordplay in the episode title so y'all better relish it! RELISH!


192 - Syncing Ship
Download: [MP3]



This week we check in on a favorite of the show, Miss Kimura Kaela with her new album "Sync." Will she remain in our good graces or be cast out from the GK Pantheon?

-Pause for dramatic effect-

A group that is unlikely to ever reach the GK Pantheon, Korean sub-unit Orange Caramel, also get a review this week with the Japanese version of their Korean single "LIPSTICK."If you like episodes that sound like one long conversation that happen to have segment breaks then you're in for a treat! If not, you'll soldier through it because you love us anyway. Kisses!



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GK PV Play: Put A Bird On It Edition

Many music videos are released every month in Japan to promote the latest single or album coming out. Though we often talk about the music videos that accompany the music we review, some PVs slip through the cracks. This week we task our lovely writer with the difficult job of reviewing some of the recent vids to make their way all the way from Japan to our computer screens in the US.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Fashion Monster
Kimura Kaela - Sunshower
Chara - Chouchou Musubi
Versailles - Truth
Gackt - Hakuro


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