Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 173 - Pro-Klingon Support

Hey, I’m not racist against Klingons, I totally have a Klingon friend that you’ve never met (that’s how you know it’s okay I joke about them). I mean, I love wearing their fancy sashes and marching in their pride parades. I’m even a member of KLAAD!*


173 - Pro-Klingon Support
Superfly - Kagayaku Tsuki no Yo ni| AKB48 - 1830m

But enough about our friends from Qo’noS, lets talk about Japanese music! For the first time in what feels like forever, we’ve got all three hosts together for the show. This week we’re reviewing the latest single from (possible Klingon) Superfly as well as the second full album by (totally Japanese) supergroup AKB48. So grab your bat’leth and together we can battle the lack of J-music commentary on the internet!

*Klingon Alliance Against Defamation 



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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.156 - "Bring in the Rollerskating Transvestites"

It'll all make sense, I promise you.


156 - Bring in the Rollerskating Transvestites
Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-1st | Kalafina - To the beginning


Some of you think we only review albums and singles that we all *want* to review. That is very much not true. Case in point: Kis-my-1st. While I may have been interested to see what these Johnny's boys can do, Erin turned up her nose, and Jaylee....well, let's just say he bled to see color again*. Kis-My-Ft2 literally spew rainbows, so I don't know his reasoning. Maybe you'll catch some glimpses as to why.


We also review Kalafina. They are great. Not only are they a "chamber-pop" group which I think is an awesome genre, they also have Keiko as a member. Ah, Keiko. How I love you. With your beautiful voice, your extreme elegance, and your...bangs. You are one the very few women whom I consider perfect. If you're reading this and ever want to become a chubby-chaser, you give good ol' LoKi a call. I'm waiting. No, seriously.  


You will definitely want to join us next week on the uStream next week because it's GK Game Show week! We're going to shake it up a bit and play a game we're tentatively calling "Kamen Kanpai". Wanna know what it is? Hit up and watch one of their "Secret Identity" segments. Swap movie/games/TV characters for Japanese equivalents and voila! You can catch that on Wednesday night at 7:30pm PST with here on


* Jaylee does not cut himself. Nor should you. It's a joke. Deal with it.


Until then, enjoy the show and our NOTES!

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