GK PV Play: Zany Misfits Edition

Many music videos are released every month in Japan to promote the latest single or album coming out. Though we often talk about the music videos that accompany the music we review, some PVs slip through the cracks. This week we task our lovely writer with the difficult job of reviewing some of the recent vids to make their way all the way from Japan to our computer screens in the US.

Nishino Kana - Esperanza
Fukuhara Miho - Starlight
9mm Parabellum Bullet - Atarashii Hikari
Superfly - Ah
Kreva - C'mon, Let's Go

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Jaylee’s Top 10 Ballads of 2009

As the end of winter draws ever closer I find it appropriate to rank my favorite ballads of 2009. I was finding it hard to classify what makes these songs so great. I decided to cut my word count in half and just let the songs speak for themselves. So put on your Snuggie, make some tea, grab a box of tissues and enjoy some absolutely lovely songs.
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