Gaijin Kanpai Ep.109 - "You Down With UPP?"

This week, we get the band back together! The dynamic trio of LoKi, Zer0, and Jaylee are reunited to tackle the most important questions. Who's down with UPP? Every last GK host. ...apparently.

109 - You Down With UPP?
Chatmonchy - You More
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As usual, our uStream channel was full of crazy happy fun timez. Oh, you weren't there? Well be there next week! We record on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM Eastern. Or thereabouts. Come early to listen to music and chat with LoKi (and possibly Zer0 depending on how bored she is! ^_^). Follow @GaijinKanpai on Twitter or check out our Facebook to keep abreast (hehe... I said breast) of any last-minute changes to our recording schedule.

Notes after the break. Or is it a jump? Or is it a click?! MORE QUESTIONS AAARRRGGH

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