Jaylee’s Top 10 Ballads of 2009

As the end of winter draws ever closer I find it appropriate to rank my favorite ballads of 2009. I was finding it hard to classify what makes these songs so great. I decided to cut my word count in half and just let the songs speak for themselves. So put on your Snuggie, make some tea, grab a box of tissues and enjoy some absolutely lovely songs.
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Episode 32 - Don't Assume, JFGI


Hooray! Episode 32! It exists and it's up! YAY!! YAAAAYY!!


We'll be doing the show live at Ustream every Thursday from now on at 7:30 PM Eastern, 4:30 Pacific, so be sure to check us out!

Next week, for our special episode 33, we'll be talking about how we got into J-music, so look forward to that!

Hit the Jump for the show notes! ^_^

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