Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 196 - It's Vagical!

Silly Zer0 and her made up words.


196 - It's Vagical!
Nakashima Mika - REAL | Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Kimi ni 100%
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If this were medieval times LoKi would be given the title "The Oathbreaker" because he's lied to you all and had to miss another episode of GK. Though "The Oathbreaker" is kind of a badass name, I'm not sure if it implies the correct amount of shame we want to bestow upon him for missing 196. We should probably just make him a eunich. I'll need several strong fans to hold him down while I do it though; it's delicate work. To add insult to injury he'll have to listen to Nakashima Mika and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's latest releases.



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Nakashima Mika "STAR" Exclusive Interview Trans.

Original: Excite

--So why did you decide on “STAR” as the title?

Nakashima Mika: These past several years, the amount of talk about me being a “star” has increased.  My producer noticed this as well, and we talked it over and decided on this title.  I’m not trying to say “Yeah, look at me, I’m such a huge star!” but rather I’m acknowledging my awareness of performing for the public.

--Were you not really aware of it before?

N: No, not really…  Of course, I felt that not giving it everything I’ve got would disrespect the people who listen to my CDs and come to my lives.

--So even during each of your lives, you say to yourself “I’m going to put everything I’ve got into singing these songs?”

N: Well, everything except actually saying it, but I really do my best.  Still, I’ve never thought that I’d go on performing live forever.  I don’t usually think about how it was when I first debuted (laugh), but I was always thinking about the next audition.

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