Gaijin Kanpai Ep.098 - "Angry Drunks"

So this episode has both Zer0 and Jaylee actually drinking, keeping up the tradition of Do As Infinity review episodes of Gaijin Kanpai. LoKi, however, was lame and did not drink. Yes, it was apparently opposite day in the land of GK recording...

098 - Angry Drunks
Do As Infinity - Eight
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LoKi did drink a bit, but it was before the show - and only those in the uStream got to see it! See? See what you probably missed? Well next week why not head over to the uStream and listen to the show being recorded, watch the crew drink, and chat with your fellow fans? That's right, no reason why not! We record on Wednesday nights starting at about 7:45 Eastern (LoKi time), 6:45 Central (Zer0 time), or 4:45 Pacific (Jaylee time).

So how about it, wanna check out this episodes notes? Yeah, you do. :)

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