Gaijin Kanpai Ep.150 - "The Limburger Album"

The One Where LoKi and Erin Kick Ass....and go on a bunch of tangeants.


150 - The Limburger Album
ISSA x SOULJA - ISM | Japan UNITED - All You Need is Love

With Jaylee in New York City enjoying his first time in the Big Apple and taking in a Jin Akanishi concert, Erin and I are left to our own devices to give a rousing review of ISSA x Soulja. We also scoff at the joke that is the Beatles cover of All You Need Is Love, which they thought was so good, it needed to be a song for the tsunami relief. Yikes.


If you didn't know, we've moved the uStream to Wenesdays at 7:30pm PDT. I highly reccomend that you add us to your calendar. It's always a blast for GK'ers everywhere. Don't worry, I still wear pants. Jaylee, however, is another story...


Short, sweet and non-abrassive intro this week. You better be thankful. SO HELP ME IF YOU'RE NOT!!!....dammit. Almost made it. NOTES!

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