Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 200 - GK Best Hits 2009-2013

Thank you all for bringing us this far. We wouldn't have made it four years without an amazing audience.


The Final Episode
200 - GK Best Hits 2009-2013

 ONE OK ROCK - Jinsei Kakete Boku wa
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We hope we were able to change your life just as much as you changed ours. It's been a long and bumpy road but we've finally reached our destination, and we hope you join us in celebration of our time together. Things get a touch messy and there's some crying (a lot if you're Jaylee) but we give you a bit of everything this episode. So block out a good two and a half hours so we can say a proper farewell to the most important people in our lives.



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Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 182 - Persimmon Lady Parts

A picture's worth a thousand words!


182 - Persimmon Lady Parts
Chatmonchy - Henshin | Ms.OOJA - GIBS


Another short and sweet installment of Gaijin Kanpai this week as LoKi takes the week off, meaning we get to review one of his favorite bands without him! We take Chatmonchy's fifth full album for a spin and allow the smooth vocal stylings of Ms.OOJA to overcome us in her cover of Shiina Ringo’s “Gibs.”


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