Gaijin Kanpai Ep.082 - "ScrobbleScrobbleScrobble"

This is episode 82! Not 81!! EIGHTY TWOOO!! And it has no Jaylee, and that mad sucks, yo. But LoKi & Zer0 bring ya the info, so check out the show!

082 - ScrobbleScrobbleScrobble
QURULI - kotoba ni naranai, egao wo misete kure yo
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As usual we recorded our show on Thursday night in our uStream, and we do that every week at 7:45 PM Eastern. Watch this space though, because our night and/or time may be changing. Thanks for continuing to support the show, everyone!

Without further ado, here is a list of relevant items and links for this week's episode. ...Y'know, notes. ^_^

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Quruli Interview Translation, Parts 3&4 of 4


Maybe we’re musicians because we’re bad at social media.  Maybe if we were good at it, we’d have different careers.

--So why don’t you use Twitter?

K: You mean, since I’m an indies musician, maybe I’d want my name to spread like wildfire?  Or maybe I’d want an easy way to make friends with people overseas?  But I already know how it’ll be if I do something like that (laugh), and into the fires of that hell…

--…You’re not going to jump. (laugh)  Do you also not use Twitter, Sato?

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