Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 162 - "His Majesty of Hawaii"

LoKi and Jaylee aren't in a fight, we swear. We may only have 2/3 of the hosts but that doesn't mean the show is 1/3 less fun!


162 - His Majesty of Hawaii
T-ARA - Jewelry Box | PES from RIP SLYME - Megami no KISS


I dunno who told PES he should try out a solo project but they should be forced to listen to this single on repeat until the error of their ways becomes clear. Luckily, T-ARA offers a reprieve from PES's unique talents with their first Japanese album "Jewelry Box." That's right, two Korean groups in a row! You may be sick of hearing us cover them but you'll just have to deal because LoKi has a massive hard-on for K-Pop. 



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Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 145 - "Rainy Day Music"

I didn't even realize when we titled this episode that the album cover is an umbrella. That crazy Ayaka and her subliminal messages...


145 - Rainy Day Music
AYAKA - The beginning
Download: [
iTunes/M4A] | [MP3]

Oh! Did you know this week marks GK's 3rd Year Anniversary?! HURRAY FOR US!!!


Aforementioned Ayaka returns from hiatus with a much-anticipated album, but is it everyone's cup of tea? Also, Korean Rock Band CNBlue, who started in Japan and then came back after officially debuting in Korea, give us their first #1 Oricon single to review. Finally a rock band from Korea who's not FTisland. I fear they're just as sucky though...


Next week, because of my (LoKi) family coming to visit, we will not be doing a uStream. In fact, we won't even be doing News and Charts because we'll be recoding hella early. Hopefully you'll download and listen, because we may have a little surprise to announce  ^_^


Until then, notes were taken!

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