Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 168 - Cheater Google Face

Are you wondering why Erin gives such short answers during the game show? Because she’s being a Cheater Google Face, that’s why! Look at her face be all cheaty as she searches google for the answers.


168 - Cheater Google Face
SCANDAL - Taiyo Scandalous | Kamen Kanpai


This week we bring back Kamen Kanpai, the game you all enjoyed so much from earlier in the year. It’s a lot of fun and will (hopefully) help you forget that SCANDAL released a new single. Which we review! We go on a few tangents in the beginning of the episode but you love hearing us talk, right? Right? Why are you walking away?!?


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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.104 - "Who is Miss Melons?"

Zer0 takes the helm this week as LoKi and Jaylee are pitted against each other to determine who knows the most stuff about J-music! And also to see who gets $50 at CDJapan! Woohoo!

104 - Who is Miss Melons?
GK Game Show
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