Gaijin Kanpai Ep. 163 - "Hulk SMASHED!"

Remember the time Freddie Prince Jr. was on a date with Betty Ross and Bruce Banner got so jealous that he hulked out and tore up New York City trying to find them? It happenedIt was awesome.


163 - Hulk SMASHED!
ZONE - treasure of the heart | Karasu - Tenshi to Akuma


Jaylee made his very own Super-Soldier Serum this episode and much like Bruce Banner's attempt things went horribly wrong. Want to know how to make an "Incredible Hulk?" Mix every type of alcohol you have until you have a green drink. Garnish with lime and for the love of god don't blame us!

This week we review ZONE's first single since their hiatus as well as “Tenshi to Akuma,” an album by Karasu, LoKi’s indie darlings. Jaylee hulks out and throws everything out of whack so prepare yourself for tangents, laughter, and awkward pauses.


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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.144 - "Japon-Askew"

"I'm a good singer! I have great producers! I write my own lyrics! LOOK AT MY BOOBS AND HOW PROMISCUOUS I AM!!!"


144 - Japon-Askew
Koda Kumi - Japonesque
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That's what I think an interview with Koda Kumi would be like. That saddens me. But her music does tend to speak for itself. How much so? Well, you'll need to take a listen to us speak about it to find out how much it speaks for itself. Speaking of speaking about stuff, I said "speaking" a lot didn't I? Guess what? We also speak about Tamaki Nami. You won't see it in this podcast, but she has GORGEOUS eyes!


uStream was as fun as ever. People seem to enjoy it. You should try it sometime



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