Gaijin Kanpai Ep.143 - "Jaylee Bon-Bon"

Not since my parents' divorce have I been so happy to see a union fall apart.


143 - Jaylee Bon-Bon
Tokyo Jihen - Color Bar
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Divorced parents made me who I am today (for the better. stop your snickering), and no more Tokyo Jihen saves me from sh!tty music. Jaylee and Zer0 love their crap, so have a listen as to what they thought about their swan-song album, since my feelings are so transparent.


OH WAIT YOU CAN'T because Zer0 pussed out on the episode to further her education with homework or some sh!t. See how much you guys mean to her? She'd rather highlight and fall asleep drooling on recycled paperbound textbooks than give you the time of day. Send her hate mail. Tell her I sent you ^_^v


I, on the other hand, love you all and am willing to accept any and all of your gifts at my feet as an alter. I don't ask for much. I do, however, ask that you guys please enjoy Jaylee's and My "Bro-full" episode as we wax intellectual on said Jihens from Tokyo as well as that kooky, questionably-sexy phenomenon named Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 


And now, time for the notes. :)

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Gaijin Kanpai Ep.142 - "Rimshot!"



142 - Rimshot!
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Hurray! It's time to review an EXILE album! /sarcasm. After this episode, I now think of EXILE as AKB48 with penises. Charming, aren't I? Which one is KojiHaru, I wonder...?


This is our final catch-up episode after the whole editor debacle, so we should be back on track after this week. Thank goodness we continue to have a strong faithfull following during the uStream recording. We could always use more, you know :)


Hey guess what? SiD still blows and are a shadow of their former selves. Also, NOTES!

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