Gaijin Kanpai Ep.081 - "Qualid"

This week is something of a Brilliant Green special so if you don't know them yet, you NEED to listen. Get schooled, yo!

081 - Qualid
The Brilliant Green - Blackout
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So in case you haven't heard, you can be there for the show recording each week! Join us in the uStream on Thursdays at 7:45 Eastern, 4:45 Pacific. This week we had to record Friday instead of Thursday, which can sometimes happen. So be sure to follow us (GKLoKi especially) on Twitter to make sure you get the latest updates!

Oh, and what else? Oh yes, there's a new shirt in the official Gaijin Kanpai Zazzle store! This episode has a new awesome word, and the new awesome word needed a new awesome shirt to go with it. Check it out!

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Episode 36 - Candy and Feline Emissions

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So hiya! Hope you guys had a badass Halloween. We did! Want proof? Listen to this episode! You really should listen to it anyway. Just cuz it's good.

First off, the top 5 we decided on last time was just too hard, so it's been scrapped. In its place is a discussion on Halloweenishness in j-pop and j-rock videos! :)

Alrighty, notes time!

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