Gaijin Kanpai Ep.049 - "Mind Grapes"

049 - "Mind Grapes"
Girl Next Door - Next Future
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You squish mind grapes and let them sit for awhile and you get mind wine. Maybe. I wonder if they give you mind antioxidants. And reduce the risk of mind heart attacks.

Okie dokie, I've gone as far as I can go with that.

So how's everyone's weekend going? Good? Awesome.

This show we cover the singles-based market in Japan in contrast to the album-based market in America in a short special segment at the beginning, and then go into the usual news. The single-review segment has taken its permanent place on the show also. Lots to look forward to in this episode!

Don't forget about Sakuracon! We'll be in Seattle the first weekend of April for the convention, where High and Mighty Color will be appearing. Hope to see you there!

Here are the notes!

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Episode 27 - W3 Я Gamerz

Jaylee's (still) back! No guest though. :( We'll keep you posted on any future plans, however!

Much apologies from Zer0 for this being late. Life is kinda like that group of four oblivious popular girls walking down the hall in high school & taking up the whole width of the hallway, and you're trying to hurry to class but they're in the way and you can't get around them.

So that's why this is late. :P~

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