Chatmonchy Exclusive Interview Translation, Part 2

Source: Excite

“In the end, our idea of fun is the sound bursting out.” (Fukuoka)

--It wasn’t just that you did something concrete, but that you were able to do it freely and carefully.

F: Yes. We really watched our step. (laugh)

-- (laugh) And “YOU MORE” was conceived of before you started watching your step, so how did it feel to start?

F: First of all, we wanted to make a “fun” album, which we adopted as our concept. We hadn’t even developed a concept for an album before this, but there had been times that we wanted to. Now, our idea of a “fun” song... Well, for us, “fun” means a lot of songs with interesting arrangements.

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Chatmonchy Exclusive Interview Translation, Part 1

Source: Excite

“A full album all of new songs was a pretty big thing.” (Takahashi)

--Last year you released a mini album, “Awa Come.” Did recording it feel different from recording a full-length album?

Fukuoka: It did. To begin with, with the big theme of “Awa Come” was that it was recorded in Tokushima [the band’s hometown], so this album was different from that. Before now we would release an album of our previous singles until we reached the end of them, but this time it was different. We didn’t release any singles, and we just thought “This is the concept we want for the album” and then made it, so it’s very special to us.

Hashimoto: But I feel like they were somewhat connected. Although they were recorded in totally different places, we started working on this album, “YOU MORE,” when “Awa Come” went on sale. So the feeling of this album is close to that of “Awa Come,” and the impression of “Awa Come” is of having fun recording in Tokushima, and although the image of this album isn’t the same, they seem to be close to one another.

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