Most Hilarious Engrish Moments

Hi there! Zer0 here. How are you folks doing tonight? Good? Good.

So you may or may not have noticed that we kinda never did our Most Hilarious Engrish Moments top 5 list on the show. Yeah... sorry about that. It proved to be far too difficult a task to accomplish, even for me, and I'm the one who had the idea. That's how much I suck.

Well, since then I've been thinking about it and going on youtube and looking through my iTunes playlist, and I have managed to come up with a suitably entertaining list of hilarous english moments! I'm sorry to say they're not ranked at all, but it should be fun to scroll through them regardless.

Ready Set Go!

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Japanese Variety Show Mocked on Diggreel

LOL! Check out this clip from the Diggreel. They show a video of a cute little kid who gives out flowers at a Japanese piano recital. The first girl takes them, the second girl rejects him...cuteness ensues.

Now, that's cute and all, but check after the clip to see Diggreel's take on Japanese Variety Shows!

I highly suggest you all subscribe to Diggreel as it is really a great show to watch every week. You can find links to it and all the other podcasts we love on our Links page. Enjoy!