Analysis of Ayumi Hamasaki's "Rock'n'Roll Circus" PVs, Part Three: "Lady Dynamite"

Written by Jaylee

Hamasaki Ayumi is one of if not the biggest stars in Japan. Her popularity has declined over the years but she is still one of the most recognizable names and faces in Asia. Throughout her career she has crafted videos with deep symbolism that critiqued the record industry and fame culture. She has touched millions of fans through her personal lyrics. She is an artist who wears a pop mask.

In part three of our “Rock’n’Roll Circus” PV analysis, I will be delving into the symbolism and inspiration behind the video. Just a warning, this analysis is more image based than Zer0's and may not be suitable for children.

The first thing we see in the video is a large crowd standing outside a club. Is this crowd perhaps a symbol that Ayu is afraid of sinking away into obscurity; A fuzzy orange coat in a sea of nameless J-queens? Discuss.

 Ayu (or is this perhaps the product Hamasaki Ayumi? Dun dun DUN!) is trying desperately to get inside one of the gayest clubs since gay came to gaytown. Unfortunately, ever since the PV for “TABOO” came out the gays have been taking orders from Queen Kuu, and that means no Ayu allowed.

"Keep that B out my Kingdom!"

Ayu gets wind of this and is ready for a throw down.

Bitch is ready to rumble.

Luckily Shuya knows a guy (no comment) so they use the rear entrance (also, no comment).

And Ayu rocks the fringe pony like she invented it!

Ayu: Eat your heart out, ho!

The queers in the club welcome Ayu with open arms. They’re getting more exposure than ever! Sadly, some aren’t as thrilled.

"Eww, vag."

We are then treated to the deepest part of the video. “The Lollipop Scene.”

Okay guys, now stay with me on this one because the symbolism is coming fast and fabulously! The lollipop is green, or is it? Perhaps the lolli is “GREEN.”

Dear Diary, shit just got REAL!

So in the PV for “GREEN” we see Ayu in China as a huge pop star (what a stretch) who has a forbidden lovah. This lovah is a woman!

Ayu wrote a song titled “GREEN” about forbidden love. Her favorite dancer, the one who played her lovah in the “GREEN” PV is named “Midori.” Its simple math you guys. Carry the two and you’ve got Ayu’s head buried in Midori’s snatch three times a week. So let’s take another look at that shot, shall we.

Jesus Ayu, show a little restraint on that thing.

We then get another scene of Ayu working the crowd, as well as some dressed up queens.

The belle of the balls.

It was very nice of Ayu to lend her old tour outfits out.

And at the end of the night, a new queen of Gaytown is crowned.

Suck it, bitches.


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