Ayumi Hamasaki Used To Be Remixed Like What!

Written by Zer0

"Honestly, when my producer Max Matsuura talked about remixes, there was resistance on my part. I wasn't at all okay with it. My producer and I talked about [ayu-mi-x] and decided on it together, but I don't really get remixes. Still, [Matsuura] is a producer who's been influenced for years, decades even, by dance music, and has worked alot on the 'remix' genre, so he really persisted in explaining it to me, and eventually I came to an agreement with him."
--Ayumi Hamasaki, beatfreak magazine, 1999

Okay, so the remixes are kinda Max Matsuura's thing. He was really into club music, which is to be expected given his status as co-founder of the late great Velfarre disco. He was very passionate about his newfound star, Hamasaki Ayumi, having a remix album that reworked her "A Song for XX" album's songs into dance versions. So, despite Hamasaki's misgivings, remixes started happening. And it wasn't just Spring 1999's "ayu-mi-x" album, either.

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